OAKLANDS COURT – Family home submitted in several Architecture and Interior Design Awards

Oaklands Court is a standalone design statement expressing personality of its context. Visually impressive, versatile, low-maintenance with a custom-built home for a growing family. Decorative and functional, a subtle angled entry is followed by a dramatic upside-down staircase in the lobby. Past the entry, the home opens up and flows through to the sun drenched backyard wrapped by the open plan living spaces. Finished with a restrained palette creating a meaningful connection between interior and exterior.

The concept began with the elements of a house, which were re-interpreted, amplified and further developed to create the final built form. Austere elements presented together in a harmonious arrangement. The architecture makes use of traditional materials taking inspiration from its urban surroundings. The design draws a strong influence from Sri Lankan villa homes through its use of natural timber and concrete, the inside-out living space centred around multiple courtyards and internal plantings reference the country’s tropical architecture. Materials have been carefully selected for their natural tactile properties bringing warmth and personality to the geometric forms and the Sri Lankan heritage inspiring the use of rich tones and textures.

Functionality and free-flowing living are achieved by considered layout choices. An entertaining ground floor interior compliment a more subdued upper level, creating a playful engagement. The creation of a space to connect is encouraged by the backyard embraced by the dining, kitchen and play areas allowing free flowing activity and interaction. Adaptability is achieved with useful, flexible spaces, with the multi-purpose room transformed into guest accommodation whilst remaining functional as a playroom or library with daybed.

Sustainability is achieved through a dedicated embrace of architectural first principles and passive design, further enhanced by selected building materials. Direct sunlight to the significant glazing at ground level is controlled by simple quiescent elements. Climate control is achieved through abundant insulation and a building design that provides multiple opportunities for horizontal and vertical air movement. High level operable skylights and internal voids draw air from the lower levels which is expelled through the intentionally tall raked ceilings. Hydronic slab heating with a gas log fireplace provides warmth and ambience.

Designing a home for an architect’s growing family allowed for experimentation and first-hand experience. Opportunity to develop alternative architectural responses of proximity and awareness and connection throughout all spaces, thus enhancing the family dynamics.

This elegant, versatile and harmonious design has been submitted into a variety of architecture and interior design awards for 2019. The final outcome of the collaborated effort with this custom built family home speaks for itself.

For more information visit the full project description here