CBG OFFICE – Design Studio submitted in several Architecture and Interior Design Awards

In 2017 CBG purchased a warehouse in South Melbourne, stripped it to its skeleton which provided a strong base to create the new studio workspace reflecting the holistic approach of our Architecture and Interior Design team influenced by more than 40 years of insight and experience. With an optimised gallery style entry, floor to ceiling windows and flexible room layouts, our studio is the most important project to consolidate and highlight our brand and showcase our abilities, values and philosophies to present and prospective clients.

The response was twofold; to enhance and harmonize with the existing strong built form, and create a studio that promoted teamwork and collaboration. The final design is a highly functional ‘green conscious’ space with strong natural light distribution, accessible views, spatial volumes and flexible multiple work options that is inviting, stylish and functional. The design exploits the strong, existing building form and city views, encourages team interaction and idea sharing, fosters effective decision making processes and enhances collaboration, productivity and creativity all benefiting CBG’s architecture and design processes.

The structure of our team is centred around small groups working closely together. The open plan workspace has been designed with informal and formal breakout zones to provide areas for staff to relax away from their desk, whilst the library is an added resource supporting research and idea development. With an abundance of natural light across two levels the design features natural tones and compliments the framework. The entry foyer mesh metal curtain allows the main boardroom to compliment the adjacent gallery, with the added flexibility of converting to an entertainment space. The blend of materials balances the contrasting colour palette and adds to the relaxed, open ambience.

Whilst an open plan provides opportunities for staff to exchange knowledge and collaborate on projects, workstations are designed to allow for individual focus and run perpendicular to the external walls. Daylight is directed away from sight lines and minimises silhouettes whilst still achieving a sense of daylight across the area. Individuals share large workbench style desks allowing everyone access to premium city skyline views.

The new studio embodies CBG’s ideals of teamwork and inclusiveness. The final outcome is an adaptable studio structure and design allowing for inspiration, socialising, retreat, collaboration, productivity, knowledge sharing and interaction.

Our stylish, adaptable and open plan creative studio is being submitted into a variety of architecture and interior design awards for 2019. We believe the final outcome of the collaborated effort of our contemporary, timeless and flexible workspace will continue to meet our needs for today and tomorrow.

For more information visit the full project description here