Heritage at heart

Heritage at heart: Homestead provides inspiration for new aged care facility by CBG Architects

A century old heritage listed homestead is set to be revived and restored by CBG Architects as part of an all-new aged care facility on the highly sought-after Mornington Peninsula.

The existing homestead will become the centre piece of the new retirement village, which recently received town planning approval. Featuring 198 residences across 11 buildings, the 2.8-hectare development has been created to complement the already existing Somercare Nursing Home and provide additional amenity for the local Somerville community.

Our Managing Director, Bill Katsabis, explains that elements of the heritage homestead have helped craft the design of the new apartment buildings, which will feature spacious kitchen and living areas.

"Our philosophy for this project was to ensure each building had its own sense of residence, but also related to the other buildings on the property through the use of common elements, finishes and design features," Bill said.

"We drew inspiration from the existing heritage homestead in our selection of materials, weaving a similar red brick throughout each apartment building to ensure a consistent, warm visual aesthetic to each. This was accompanied by rendering, glazing and lightweight cladding to create subtle variations to each building, whilst ensuring they spoke a similar Architectural language."

Careful consideration was taken during the design process to ensure the project seamlessly fit within the surrounding community, with landscaped gardens designed in collaboration with Formium Landscape Architects to provide picturesque breaks between each building and allow opportunities for residents to explore and enjoy nature.

Each apartment block ranges between two to three levels, with associated basements and apartments ranging from approximately 70 to 120 square metres in size. Upon completion, the facility will also include communal lounge areas, a café, gym, hair dresser and medical facilities for future residents and the local community.

For more information visit the full project description here