The Inspiration Behind Our Creative Team Of Architects And Interior Designers


  1. a stimulation to act, create, or feel an emotion that then personally influences ones actions, especially to do something creative "Bill had one of his flashes of inspiration"
  2. a sudden brilliant or timely idea
  3. unique to each of us and can come from numerous sources "My inspiration for the tones used came from the colour of the sky"

Architecture and design are many things. They are forms that evoke emotions and answer different needs for each individual. It is more than design, lines and shapes. Architecture is about ideas, and the origin of these ideas. The genesis of these ideas can be found in everything that surrounds us; location and nature, person and matter, texture and form, light and shadow, purpose and function.... Indeed the inspiration may come from multiple origins to create an expression of spaces and volumes used by people.

Inspiration is a unique, enigmatic unknown to each of us. When needed, it can be hard to find, and when not expected, it may reveal itself. We know that architects and designers draw inspiration from a variety of places and elements, and their everyday surroundings. Inspiration helps bring lines, shapes, colours and textures together to create a unified form that can in turn inspire others.

Ideas become reality. Realities become an experience. Experiences become a memory.

Just as architecture has inspired the world and its different cultures, an architect’s inspiration is more than initial thoughts of form, colour, and materiality. It can be very personal to each individual, and motivated from a different emotional influence.

Here are some factors that inspire some of the members within CBG’s creative team.


"When all the WHY questions are answered (which will never happen), then the design simply exists." - Ben Bahramis

When designing, answering why will often help find the inspiration for a project. Questions such as these (and in no way limited to these as it can be an endless cycle) can strongly influence a design and its development.

  • Why is it like that?
  • Why does this make me feel a predefined way?
  • Why should I feel a predefined way?
  • Why am I designing this?
  • Why are my clients engaging me?
  • Why should a building or space look or feel a certain way?
  • Why am I sketching this way?


"Constantly push the boundaries, so as to not limit yourself in thought or form" – Whitney Cope (interior designer)

It is important to not lose sight of the smallest details because they matter. The details give the design meaning instead of just adding to it. It is important to remember to push the boundaries and design with passion as this will reveal itself in the final creation.


"The simplest and purest form of architecture. Where radical ideas are explored, with just a pencil in hand and patience." – Michael McDermott (senior architect)

Although not formally trained or accredited as an architect, specific inspiration for Michael comes from the work of Lebbeus Woods, an artist known for his unconventional and experimental designs, including architecture.


"Architecture has the ability to influence someone’s emotional and physical experience through built forms." – Bill Katsabis (managing director)

Recognising that Architecture creates a strong psychological response that affects an individual’s disposition can act as the inspiration itself. Understanding that what you design and create will have the power to alter another individual’s physical and emotional state as they experience that form and space drives the imagination.


"It’s simply just everything. From all that surrounds us to life itself, without limiting oneself or one’s creation. Inspiration is a continuous energy that we need to feed into the design process." – Pietro Giordano (director of design)

Inspiration, and the development that flows from it, has no boundaries. Inspiration is the how, what, and why of a design. Inspiration is about the reason and justification in a design seen through its details. Inspiration is what comes from experimentation of thought and sketch. Inspiration is emotive and subjective. It will differ in its presentation to different individuals, with the final result being the architectural language embodied in the designs of CBG Architects.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this insight into just a few things that inspire our team and their unique designs.