2018’s Leading Interior Design Trends

The interior design landscape is ever changing, with new trends developing ever year. To help you build or design your new home in 2018, Pietro Giordano, Director of Design here at CBG Architects, has developed a list of the latest interior design trends to help you ensure your home will be progressive, modern, contemporary and feature the best architectural design elements in the world right now.


Sustainability is no fad. Creating a ‘green’ environment is now of the utmost importance for most looking to craft a new space. In 2018, we envisage a greater use of durable products, made using recycled, upcycled, repurposed or reclaimed materials to create contemporary designs.

With a whole host of new, renewable sources, spaces can now be eco-friendly without sacrificing on the design. Consider Environmentally Sustainable Design features that have minimal impact on the environment such as those included in our Hepburn Springs project.

Here we added in features such as solar panels and a water harvesting system with ‘waterfall’ spouts that drain into a naturally filtered reticulation system.


When it comes to design, always take quality over quantity. In 2018, the old adage ‘less is more’ will never be more important, with a shift to simplify spaces in the way they are designed and decorated, while not compromising on comfort, style or durability.

Carefully consider statement pieces whether that be a dark piece of furniture on a light coloured back drop, a large feature pool in your outdoor space or the use of an eye-catching marble bench top against timber and dark hues, as seen in our design for Derby Place.


Minimalism is having a resurgence and there is a growing appeal for simple and clean expanses of wall and floor which creates a sense of space and suits open plan living.

Spaces need to be fit for purpose, with a strong aesthetic and considered design, expressed through colour schemes, furniture and carefully selected fixtures and features.


2018 will see us move away from the regular and architects will be encouraged to draw inspiration from the personality of the client or location, working to make spaces stand out, be unique and complement clients individual style.

When creating a space, whether it is your own or for someone else, it is so important to consider who will be using it and what their style, needs and wants are to ensure that they love and utilise it.


Bringing the outdoors in continues to be a key trend, whether it’s using nature inspired hues, textures, greenery or natural materials that reflect elements of the landscape.

I am always inspired by nature and the world around me and at CBG, we believe it is instrumental in ensuring every project we design draws inspiration from its surrounds.

We drew on nature with our Gorge Hotel competition-winning design, where we took inspiration from the surrounding cliffs and waterfalls of Cataract Gorge in Launceston, Tasmania for the building’s structure itself and also for some of the key design features within the hotel’s lobby.

This included tessellated glass on the building’s facade, which gives the appearance of flowing water during the day and cliff feature walls and living gardens in the lobby itself.


With a growing need to create spaces that can accommodate different needs and function at various times of day (and throughout the year), an adaptable environment will play an even bigger role in 2018. Shared spaces in particular need to be malleable, with the option to re-arrange with ease as required.


People live multifaceted lives that require a space that works for whatever the day may bring. Design should therefore always consider function, using durable materials for everything from flooring and textures, that will hold up and look fresh after sustained wear and tear.


Bringing advanced technology into the home can create an environment that promotes ease of living. We are seeing a rise in smart home technology where lights, heating, security and more can be controlled autonomously, through motion sensors or mobile devices.

Similarly, advances in augmented and virtual reality is revolutionising the way the industry works and is playing a key role in the design process.

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