Spotlight On Krassaris House: CBG In The Media

We are excited to announce that one of our favourite past projects, Krassaris House, has recently featured in a number of media articles.

This once dilapidated heritage home on Bambra Road was restored and redesigned by our team, with an integrated contemporary extension.

Careful consideration was taken to ensure an extension that complimented the original home, with traditional colours and original period feature elements reimagined to provide a seamless transition between old and new.

Our Managing Director, Bill Katsabis, spoke with the team at Herald Sun Real Estate about the respectful extension, providing his tips for how to renovate an older home into a functioning, modern haven for the whole family.

"Most people love the aesthetics of an older home, but functionally, (old homes) don’t really work for our modern lives," he explained.

In this instance, a modern extension was the best solution to creating that open-plan living that the home owners where after. It was also important to forward think, discuss plans with council and to make connections between old and new.

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Bill also spoke to Complete Home earlier this year, sharing the process we went through to ensure the extension was made a reality. This involved the relocation of the home to the front of the side, making way for the respectful extension to occur.

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